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History of the University Establishment

The Founders of Ambassador University Corporation under No. 10004 on 8th of March 2005 under the 10th international law of 1996 in the Commonwealth of Dominica
Wilfred K. Alleyne Alex James Reginald Winston

New 2007:

Ambassador University Corporation has become legally owned by key Jordanian businessmen, specialized in education and training.

Both of whom are Jordanian nationals by origin as well as holding Dominican citizenship. In addition, one of them is an Ambassador of Good Will.

The inhabitants, government and official authorities of the Commonwealth of Dominica Islands Region are known for their care about their region's affairs and their constant endeavours to promote their living welfare. The desire to achieve optimum well being levels has remarkably been escalating over the past 2 decades. As such, their investment regulations have been renewed and new laws have been introduced to serve international business interests. As a byproduct of such changes, renewals and the high sense of responsibility, a project has been set forth for the establishment of Ambassador Corporation University being the first university specialized in distant education, correspondence studies and self-education in line with the "International Business Law No. 10 for the year 1996 under ref. No. 10004 dated 08-03-2005". This is in recognition of the vital importance attached to the higher educational system world wide as well as the University's distinguished role in the development process monitored by a board comprising secretaries, owners, consultants and investors. Additionally, this initiative has been taken based on the firm conviction of the founders that such a project would reflect directly and positively on the world population.

Therefore, some members at the Principal's bureau headed by Goodwill Ambassador (Honorary Ambassador of American Conic Republic) have contemplated the University's contribution in terms of investment beyond the Commonwealth of Dominica and the USA boundary at a rate exceeding 88% on the latest statistics for 2004-2008 to establish a joint venture share holder company. The objective was to establish a number of private universities within the Commonwealth of Dominica and to open branches in the USA & Britain thereby materializing a dream which was until recently beyond imagination. Subsequently, a committee has been formed consisting of the initial founders to look after the universities establishment affairs. This committee convened continuous meetings to investigate colleges that need to be opened, education system, economical viability and other affairs.

The founders started correspondences with various prestigious foreign universities. Also, a delegation of the founders traveled to Britain, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. They also exchanged correspondences with scientific universities and organizations in Britain & the USA in early 2004. They visited many Arabian, British and American universities and have negotiated with their managements. Such visits have triggered the currently existing relationship between Ambassador University Corporation and UDEX University & Learning Association sited at the Commonwealth of Dominica as well as the academic cooperation witnessed between Ambassador University Corporation and the International American University beside the Arabian-American Academy for Practical Science.

On March 2004 the Supreme Council and Secretariat of the Ambassador University Corporation has been formed consisting of an elite of Arabian, European and American scientists & academicians. This was in addition to representatives of the founders who had a prominent role in the University's existence. On 19th March 2004, this Council has convened its first session in Egypt under the auspices of UDEX University. On May 2004, a delegation of academicians from Jeddah City, Saudi Arabia, has met with members of the Supreme Council and the University Secretariat in order to determine aspects of future scientific cooperation and to open a liaison office for the University. The delegation has visited the new office site. The outcome of this visit was a primary cooperation agreement reached between the University and Her Royal Highness Princess Council Munirah Bint Saad Bin Soud Bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Soud as consultant, representative and logistic supporter only in her capacity as an authorized agent and one of the honorary members cooperating with the University. Also, she has been appointed as a Member, Academic & Legal Guardian of the University and Director General of the Liaison Affairs.

Also, cooperation extended to His Royal Highness Prince Saad Bin Fahad Bin Saad Bin Soud Bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Soud as marketing and media party only. Ambassador University Corporation has signed legal partnership agreement with International Online Registration, an an approved electronic establishment in Saudi Arabia, the most important of this limited partnership terms is that International Online Registration will act as an electronic and executive operator of academic consultations and inspector of marketing and media affairs.

This arrangement has been coupled with a Cooperation Plan and a legal/academic guardianship. As a result, the founders have followed up the promotion procedures of the Joint Venture Company which is assigned to shoulder the task of establishing the University. These efforts have culminated in issuing a resolution for the establishment of "UDEX Students Services Company" in Cairo/Egypt thereby constituting a regional organization in the Middle East and the Arabian countries. During the interim, a report has been prepared by some specialized experts to evaluate the economic and social impacts of the project.

On 21 August 2004, UDEX Students Services Company approached the official governmental authorities requesting a license for such university activities. Following this step, diligent arrangements were made to inaugurate the University at the beginning of the schooling year 2003/2004. Meantime, professional administrators were selected for the University. On 26-4-2005, a final agreement was signed for educational cooperation between Ambassador University Corporation, Approval Degrees Association (www.graduate-students.net) and UDEX University & Learning Association. This was followed by another visit by the aforementioned University's academic delegation on August to discuss the educational plan and affairs of members of distant education system, correspondence education and applications of self-education system. The work is still on progress up to this moment. (Very shortly, an independent branch of the University will be opened in Britain).

Ambassador University Corporation started working on setting up its Distant Educational Program within the frame work of Self-Education System with options for Master & Doctorate programs in the University. The University gives special attention to meet the requirements of all its students taking into account that its programs are independent and flexible. The University further ensures that all such options would provide the student with a complementary educational support.

The University has also set forth its plans for Bachelor Degree Programs in most specializations. The University started publishing educational plans for this program in the specializations given the relevant website page.

Members of Senior Council & Secretariat

Executive Members of the University:

  1. Through Institution Training & Consulting (member of the University's Senior Council, Admin./Finance Managers, Management Consultants).
  2. UDEX Co. & Goodwill Ambassador Office (Deputy Chairman of the University, Recommended Chairman for UDEX, General Academic Supervisor the Executive Director of the Management & Good Will Ambassador).
  3. Commission of Commonwealth of Dominica.

University's Academic Consultants in the Middle East & the Arabian Gulf Region:

Through Institution Training & Consulting Office is authorized to select 3 Academic Consultants or more, their staff includes a group of local consultants as well as foreign consultants from various nationalities to oversee students academically.


The Academic Consultant can not and is not authorized to register or oversee students academically, or issue an academic certificate request outside of Through Institution Training & Consulting Office which is authorized by Ambassador University Corporation, while taking into account that the University does not employ individual consultants.

Coming Soon:

An Academic Consultancy body ( College / University ) within the Gulf Cooperation Council of Countries will oversee and assume Academic Consultancy tasks for the Ambassador University Corporation.

  • Goodwill Ambassador Office and Private Diplomatic Body
    Senior Academic Consultant of the University Council in the Middle East, an Academic Consultant, Operations Manager, General Coordinator and Through Institution Training & Consulting Director).

The University Legal Founders in the Commonwealth of Dominica:

  1. Wilfred K. Alleyne
  2. Alex James
  3. Reginald Winston

Executive Founder Members and Operators of the Universities Tactical Affairs:

  • Mrs. Deborah Campbell: (Member of Council & American Board, Assistant International Legal Advisor).

Members Duties:

  1. Setting up the Universities general policy, identify its objectives and the overall supervision of its achievement.
  2. Setting up the necessary general plans aiming at materializing the University’s targets, upgrading the University and improve its performance.
  3. Ratification of rules & regulations in order to streamline the University’s activities, management and consolidate its affairs.
  4. Setting up the internal regulations including in-house guidelines, utilization system, University’s financial system as well as other systems and their official authentication.
  5. Proposing the appointment of The University’s President in consultation with the Board of Directors.
  6. Nomination of the University’s Deputy Presidents, College Deans by a proposal from the University President.
  7. Discussing the annual plan presented by the University Council for development projects in conjunction with the Board of Directors and the approval thereon.
  8. Discussing the funds required for the University’s various sectors along with the salary scales, wages, compensations and rewards.
  9. Discussing the annual report, the general budget, the University’s final accounts and their approval.
  10. Confirmation of numbers of students who are accepted yearly.
  11. Determine the tuition fees, service/attestation charges, method of their implementation, exemption conditions, awards and financial aids.
  12. Awarding honorary Doctorate based on a proposal made by the University Council in line with principles authorized by Consultants Council in view of criterion acknowledged internationally.
  13. Investigating any cases related to the University in as much as they are not interacting with authorities of other parties according to provisions of this regulation and other rules.
  14. The Council is eligible to form permanent or provisional committees consisting of its members whose functions and remunerations shall be identified.

Membership and Functions:

The University’s Senior Council is composed of:

  • University President
  • Deputies of University president
  • Deans of Colleges
  • Representative of the University Official Founders in the Dominican Commonwealth.
  • University Secretary (Council Secretary).
  • Representative of members of the Academic Consultancy Board in the University.
  • Representative of the University ownership
  • A number of the educational and public personalities nominated by the secretariat council who should include a representative of the establishing company board.

The University Council is assigned the following principal duties:

  1. Enforcement of the University’s general policies by setting up education, researches and training programs in the University in addition to their organization and laying plans to ensure their execution.
  2. Setting up a plan for building construction and completion of their final shapes to introduce laboratories, equipment and libraries in the University and upgrading of the curriculums.
  3. Proposal of University’s executive regulations and internal rules of colleges & institutes.
  4. Proposal to appoint members of the academic consultancy organization and establish rules of contracting with them, identify their remunerations, compensations, awards and their work functions.
  5. Proposal to the University’s senior Council about conditions for student's enrolment and their overall numbers.
  6. Organizing the educational scholarships & compensation affairs.
  7. Identification of the University calendar : commencement and end of each class session, examination schedule and results disclosure.
  8. Proposal to halt studies at certain colleges and specializations after having obtained the University’s senior council’s approval.
  9. Granting educational Degrees.
  10. Proposal to award an honorary Doctorate by the secretariat board according to the criterion adopted by the University senior Council.
  11. Setting up the general policy for books, references, university periodicals, electronic libraries and their organization.
  12. Setting up regulations relevant to libraries and installations associated with the University and its services.
  13. Approval on concluding cooperation contracts with Arabian & foreign universities as well as Arabian, regional and international organizations and receiving VIPs.
  14. Investigating all affairs presented by the University President.
  15. Delegating certain authorities to the University President.

In general, the Council is eligible to monitor all educational, scientific and research affairs within the University.

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