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Ambassador University Corporation aims to realize clear and precise goals by utilizing technological innovation and advances to enable distant self based education, distant education aims to realize the following goals:

  • Bypass the constraints of time and location by enabling the individual to learn at their time of convenience and at any place.
  • Save costs and effort with affordable quality educations.
  • Free individual to develop their careers at the same time they learn.
  • Dependence on self based education considered to be one of the best ways of learning because its dependence on self motivation and continuous ambition to achieve more while maintaining the freedom to choose and evaluate one self. This enables the individual to retain and understand further learned material compared to other methods of learning.

In addition to distant education goals, Ambassador University Corporation has these following goals:

  • Providing chances for distant education & training in different languages.
  • Development of training programs on scientific basis and using the latest technologies and theories in all fields.
  • Providing learners with effective skills built on hands experience and learning by example.
  • Providing solutions for common problems in our societies through training courses teaching the skills needed to deal with these issues.
  • Providing distant education and training equally to people of all professions and at all levels to allow individuals the freedom to choose their field of study and prove their competence though electronic tests.
  • Determining the graduation level precisely and realistically through study courses and tests.
  • Guaranteeing highest quality in training programs and study materials provided.
  • Providing a competent team of experts, teachers, trainers and professionals to oversee and manage work progress at Ambassador University Corporation.
  • Forming trains and education programs in most effective manner.
  • Concentrating on hands on modern methods of learning.
  • Scientific approach based on latest theories and clearest methods to enrich the experience of students.
  • To take part in developing the experience and education level of ambitious individuals.
  • To take part in providing the necessary skilled workforce in all fields needed internationally.
  • Removing difficulties and barriers in front of students and providing the chance to enhance their skills in any field and prove it with certificates.
  • Providing the chance to learn at their convenience and better manage time without compromising personal or work duties through self based learning quicker ability to earn a degree based on work experience.

The University Mission and its objectives:

The post or pre-secondary education is considered to be a crucial requirement of modern societies towards creating a culturally & technically matured society. If the societies concerns are focused on how to acquire an appropriate position wherein the individual may correlate with the rest of the society’s entity with a high sense of responsibility and adding social/economical values to it, then, the preparation of such an individual should not be confined to a secondary education level. It should rather stretch to include university and technical education in all their diversified branches serving the society’s socio-economic infrastructure. Preferably, the individual’s aspiration should expand beyond those limits enabling him/her to take initiatives for scientific researches and self-development. This applies in particular to those who possess practical expertise without having had an opportunity in obtaining educational and academic degrees.

Ambassador University Corporation has been opened in fulfillment of such requirements practically and efficiently.

Some of the outstanding objectives of this University are:

  1. Support the governmental university education in countries adopting distant education, correspondences, self-motivated education, development of academic potentials and widening up opportunities of higher education in order to accommodate qualified students specializing in specific fields which they could not avail in government education, particularly individuals with work expertise.
  2. Contribute in modern university education trends as well as post graduate around the world, particularly in the Arabian region and the Middle East. This applies specially in terms of training plans, their curriculums and their dynamic evolution.
  3. Development of educational and technical potentials and linking them with the society’s dire needs. This may be approached by introducing suitable specializations particularly those which are directly connected to the society’s economic infrastructure.
  4. Provision of development factors for the fundamental sectors to be attained by the educational values added to the productive and administrative applications beside performance development and quality improvement.
  5. Support the education process by home correspondences within the framework of distant education and electronic education.
  6. Modernization of education methodology and scientific research by liaising with Arabian & international academic organizations.
  7. Development of fundamentals and means of education positively reflecting on the up-coming academic off-spring.
  8. Contribute in the implementation of scientific researches strategies set up by major countries, specially the USA, by way of expanding the Master & Doctorate Degrees specializations as well as conducting private or combined researches with Arabian and foreign research establishments.

Work has been underway to set up the educational system for Ambassador Corporation University ever since 2004. The University has been established as a nominal branch specialized in higher studies at UDEX University & Learning Association, the American International University and the Arab-American Academy for Practical Science whose outcome was the establishment of Ambassador Corporation University. The latter is a non-profit private shareholding educational organization licensed at the Dominican and registered under ref. No. 10004. This has been achieved through efforts exerted by a number of academicians who believed in its mission and discovered that it would be beneficial to all researchers who are willing to enrich their studies/researches with higher certificates signifying their distinguished status and innovations.

The University is headed by a senior Council duly formed for its management. Its commercial and investment ownership is possessed by Dominican VIP people. It is managed by a number of academicians and administrators who are talented enough to run the work and prepare the student enabling him/her to become a qualified researcher capable of locating research origins without limitations. Today’s world is striving to facilitate education methods and develop its theories in such a way that the right for education is guaranteed to whoever wished to avail it. Ambassador Corporation University is considered to be the first of its type in the world, particularly in the Middle East and the Arabian region wherein the education depends on research system by way of self-motivated education.

The University works hard to spread knowledge & education through publishing researches and studies presented to it upon consent of owners. This trend fulfills one of its important objectives for which it was established i.e. contributing in uplifting the nation. The University will also strive to conclude agreements with supportive parties or laboratories of scientific researches, owners of some educational researches, European, American and Arabian institutes enabling them to develop and market their researches.

Ambassador Corp University has obtained the consent of Approval Degrees Association.

The University will continue its endeavor to secure international accreditation. At the present stage its target will not be merely to obtain recognition of the ministries of higher education in the Arab countries because most of them have not yet set up criteria to accommodate distant education organizations.

This University follows higher methods and criteria of European model for research degrees. Ambassador University cooperates with the Arabian Academy, UDEX University & Learning Association and the American International University who take charge of accrediting the students researches. The University will spare no effort to obtain membership with other prominent university unions around the world. It will also work to ensure partnership with certain international and Arabian universities and academies.

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