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Academic Partnership

Partnership between Ambassador University Corporation – Commonwealth of Dominica and UDEX University & Learning Association:

On 25th April 2006, an agreement has been conclude between Ambassador University Corporation – Commonwealth of Dominica and UDEX University & Learning Association in order to establish a partnership whereby they may cooperate in a number of academic fields the most important of which is that UDEX University & Learning Association would grant Ambassador University Corporation students certain academic consultations in the same specialization. Therefore, the Ambassador University Corporation graduate will be entitled to receive 2 certificates; one of which would be from Ambassador University Corporation as an educational degree while the other will be issued by UDEX University & Learning Association for being an active member in the University.

Approval Degrees Association in Oregon State in the USA

The Organization has completed formalities of approving Ambassador University Corporation after having fulfilled the provisions and criterion required for such an approval. The Organization has included Ambassador University Corporation in the list of approved educational organizations at its website in the internet: http:/www.graduate-students.net

Authentication of our certificates in the USA

The University endorses certificates of Ambassador University Corporation at the Department of State in the USA-Washington, the Capital as well as in a number of Arabian, Islamic and European embassies.

Opening a new office in USA-Washington for registration

With the grace of the Almighty, an agreement has been reached between Ambassador University Corporation and US Legislation whereby the latter would open offices for the University in America for purpose of registering students residing in the USA, Canada and monitor their academic and administrative affairs.

Shortly, a branch of Ambassador Corporation University will be opened in Britain as an independent university.

It is anticipated that a cooperative agreement will be conclude between Ambassador Corporation University, American International University, Arabian American Academy for practical education and the Approval Degrees Association in Oregon State, USA.

Education Verification Service

The degrees awarded by Ambassador University Corporation on your years of hard work, help you in building a successful career in your desired field. Being awarded by an accredited institution ensures that your degree is authentic & has been obtained after meeting certain eligibility criteria.

Ambassador University Corporation offers its students an exclusive service of Education Verification under its various Student Support Services. Through this service, you are issued verification letters by the registrar of Ambassador University Corporation giving an authentication of your documents.

Ambassador University Corporation’s Education Verification Service
We offer Education Verification Service under two options. Under the first option, you get 1 copies of Education Verification Letters as part of your degree package. These Education Verification Letters contain information like the program you were enrolled in, your year of graduation, your chosen major & GPA etc. You can submit these Education Verification Letters to your prospective or current employers or institutes, as per your requirement. They can then verify your documents by using the link provided in the letters.

Under the second option, we send your documents directly to your employer or institute. This service is offered to assure your convenience & to guarantee the satisfaction of your employer or institute.

In case you require additional copies of verification letters, you can order them through us.


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