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Ambassador University Corporation is one of the leading universities catering to the educational needs of thousands of working adults and students through its comprehensive Life/Work Experience Degree Program.

Accredited & offering a diverse range of majors are being offered under the Life Experience Program. You can also recognize your lifelong learning without attending classes and appearing in exams. All the majors and courses that we offer are frequently reviewed, and new majors are also added in order to expand the range of professional fields.

The Philosophy Behind Ambassador University Corporation
Firm believer of the philosophy ‘higher-education-for-all’, Ambassador University Corporation has been serving the community needs for many years. Ambassador University Corporation has taken a step further from the traditional ‘brick-and-mortar’ learning structure, where a learner is required to attend classes through virtual or real-time mediums and conduct course assignments. Ambassador University Corporation was one of the first universities to have the realization that this method isn’t that effective where time and money are the major concerns.

In contrast, Ambassador University Corporation believes in the 100% recognition of experience and knowledge, and its due acknowledgment through appropriate & accredited life/work experience degrees. That is the reason why Ambassador University Corporation is able to offer such a diverse range of majors in virtually each and every domain of life.

Knowledge, from our point of view, has no boundaries or limits. Conclusively, the journey of exploration of one’s self-enhancement starts right here at Ambassador University Corporation.

Evaluation Faculty- An Intro
The evaluation faculty at Ambassador University Corporation consists of a group of like-minded, learned and foresighted professors and teachers. Ambassador University Corporation recruits its faculty from numerous educational institutes on full-time and part-time basis, as well as it hires the services of professionals from various fields of specializations. There are honorary members as well, whose experience and insight are commendable.

The faculty at Ambassador University Corporation is responsible for evaluation of the candidates who apply for the Life Experience degrees. Not only this, but the faculty is also responsible for the re-evaluation and revision of the majors in the Life Experience program.

Student Services
In order to facilitate the students in their pursuit of Life Experience degrees, Ambassador University Corporation offers comprehensive and consistent student services. It includes 24-hour functional Help and a full-fledged and speedy Education Verification System.

At Ambassador University Corporation, through the use of technology, innovation and competence, our caring staff and faculty ensures that it maintains a one-to-one relationship with their students. Hence, Ambassador University Corporation guarantees that the human touch quality is maintained throughout the process of applying for a Life Experience degree and its acquirement.

Partnership Programs
In order to support education at all levels, Ambassador University Corporation has developed a comprehensive partnership program for corporations and community colleges. Our variety of traditional and fully - accredited degree programs enable us to provide students with more options in communities far and wide.

Through the Community College Program Colleges, after becoming our member, can obtain accredited degrees in their desired field for their students availing our special discounts. As from the point of view of the corporate world, Ambassador University Corporation can join hands with leading ventures and cooperate in the skill enhancement program of their employees.

Job Prospects
Ambassador University Corporation offers exciting and prestigious job prospects to its students. The university has a variety of on-campus and off-campus jobs and internship opportunities that students can explore. It provides a range of training, internships, and employment opportunities and avails a host of other resources to provide the qualifying and competent students with hands-on work experience and skill development in areas like the administrative and the evaluation faculty.
Policies and Procedures
Ambassador University Corporation has definite and well-defined policies and procedures, to which it strictly adheres to:
  • Ambassador University Corporation also shares and respects student's concerns about privacy and hence it works upon the guidelines of
    non-disclosure of personal information.
  • As for the procedure, Ambassador University Corporation grants Life Experience degrees only through a definitive and comprehensive evaluation process and hence, there are no bypasses or exceptions to this system.
  • The decisions of evaluation faculty at Ambassador University Corporation are independent and irrefutable.
Where to go from here?
The salient features discussed above would have clearly given you an idea in regard to how Ambassador University Corporation is playing a forerunning role in the field of Life Experience recognition and accelerated learning. Conclusively, the journey of exploration of one’s self-enhancement starts right here at Ambassador University Corporation. You too can start your journey from here by clicking 'Getting Started' button.
The Intended Activity For Ambassador University Corporation
Student and university services of remote qualifying and selling time on computer sets through internet and Postal correspondence. Offering educational programs and scientific documents licensing and technology. Also, collecting student’s papers and categorizing them then distributing them for evaluation. Offering electronic meetings and training programs for clerk men and qualifying people who have special needs, and evaluation tests for people who have practical experiences and can support their skills by documents. Scientific evaluation services, consultancy, engineering administration, scientific studies, technological, commercial, economical and advertising research that motivate practical skills clerk men by honoring them with certificates to raise their sociological state, Also, by offering scientific lectures in technological fields and producing educational programs and training. Giving authorized documents through making training & development solutions at administration of human resources. Also issuing the authorized certificates and legal documents.
Accreditation & Endorsement Certificates
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Certificate of Notary Apostille
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Certificate of Good Standing Certificate of Incorporation

Welcome Message From The President

Hello and welcome to Ambassador University Corporation! I am Dr. , President of Ambassador University Corporation and I extend my personal welcome to you. I hope this page has given you an overview of what Ambassador University Corporation is all about and its distinct offerings to professionals and working adults in the form of Life Experience Degree Program.

It is heartening to know about your interest in Ambassador University Corporation And in what we are offering.

Let me begin by telling you about the extensive variety of majors that we are offering under each program head. You would find no other university offering such wide variety of majors. Not only that, but if you are unable to find your required major in our curricula, then Ambassador University Corporation would make appropriate arrangements for the exclusive availability of that major. Let me assure you that the Evaluation Faculty, which heads these degree programs and majors at Ambassador University Corporation, is fairly competent and is second to none in terms of expertise and experience.

Our degree programs are recognized as benchmarks and acknowledgment of ones prior knowledge. They are designed to help our students reach their personal and career goals.

We encourage you to choose Ambassador University Corporation as your institute, where we can help you work on your goal of finding a rewarding career. We are very proud of our graduates and look forward to you joining their ranks.


Authorized Academic Management Delegation (University Higher Trustees Board)
Provisional President
Ambassador University Corporation  

A Brief Outline on the University:

Arrangements to set up an educational system for Ambassador University Corporation have started as early as 1996. The University was established as a branch specializing in higher studies for UDEX University & Learning Association, Ambassador University Corporation, American International University, and Arabian-American Academy for Practical Science and Approval Degrees Association in Oregon, USA. Particularly with regard to Arabian-American studies. As such, Ambassador University Corporation is a private non-profit educational establishment licensed by the Commonwealth of Dominica. It was registered under ref. No. 10004. This has been achieved through efforts exerted by a number of academicians who believed in its mission and discovered that it would be beneficial to all researchers who are willing to enrich their studies/researches with higher certificates signifying their distinguished status and innovations. Ambassador University Corporation, UDEX University & Learning Association, American International University, Arabian-American Academy for Practical Science are considered to be a single university operating under the umbrella of UDEX administratively, financially and investment wise. They also function under the academic umbrella of Ambassador University Corporation. The name of Ambassador University Corporation originates from:

This is because the owner of these universities and organizations works as an Ambassador of Good Will in one of the Caribbean Islands Commonwealth.

This is the fundamental activity of the project.

This is because there are several universities, 3 or 4 universities belonging to the same owner. Also, these universities have been amalgamated educationally and academically. Subsequently, the connotation of the word derived: union or cooperation or partnership / Company. All the meanings may serve the purpose.

  • The University and its associate office Through Institution Training & Consulting are chaired, administratively and financially, by a Financial Manager, holder of an honorary Doctorate in Management technology in Arabian establishments from Ambassador University Corporation. This Degree had been awarded to him in consideration of his outstanding regional management of Ambassador Dominican University office online on the association name. He is also a holder of a Master Degree in financial auditing and bank remittance from UDEX University & Learning Association Which he manages in conjunction with a group of academicians and administrators who are talented enough to run the work and prepare the student enabling him/her to become a qualified researcher capable of locating research origins without limitations.
  • Today’s world is striving to facilitate education methods and develop its theories in such a way that the right for education is guaranteed to whoever wished to avail it. Ambassador University Corporation is considered to be the first of its type in the world, particularly in the Middle East and the Arabian region wherein the education depends on research system by way of self-motivated education.
  • The University is also managed, academically and executively, by a respected U.S based electronic company specialized in education and training (Approval Degrees Association).

The University works hard to spread knowledge & education through publishing researches and studies presented to it upon consent of owners. This trend fulfills one of its important objectives for which it was established i.e. contributing in uplifting the nation. The University will also strive to conclude agreements with supportive parties or laboratories of scientific researches, owners of some educational researches, European, American and Arabian institutes enabling them to develop and market their researches.

Ambassador University Corporation has obtained the approval of accreditation from international organizations such as:

  1. Approval Degrees Association (www.graduate-students.net)
  2. Goodwill Ambassador Office
  3. American Notary Public in Washington
  4. American Legal Office
  5. Department of State, Maryland State, USA
  6. UDEX University Education in Egypt
  7. US Department of State
  8. Country of Origin Consulate
  9. Commission of Commonwealth of Dominica in Egypt

All of which are non-profit organizations and were established in the object of developing the criterion which distant education organizations may apply and based of which evaluation may be conducted. They are also related to quality of education services, educational criterion and morals of work that they produce.

Ambassador University Corporation will pursue its efforts to obtain international recognitions/approvals which would consolidate its certificates around the world. At the present stage its target will not be merely to obtain recognition of the ministries of higher education in all international states specially the Arab countries because most of them have not yet set up criteria to accommodate distant education organizations.

This University adopts higher methods and criteria of European and American model for research degrees. Ambassador University Corporation cooperates with UDEX University & Learning Association and the Approval Degrees Association through which students researches & thesis are approved. The University will spare no effort to obtain membership with other prominent university unions around the world. It will also work to ensure academic and cultural agreements with certain international, American, European, Arabian universities and academies.

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