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We provide a unique oppurtunity to earn an accreditted degree based on your work expereince in the Middle East, unleach your potential and improve your career by earning a degree in your field of expertise. read more
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How to Start

In order to start enrolment procedures in one of the academic programs at Ambassador University Corporation (Bachelor, Diploma, Master or Doctorate), the following steps should be followed:

  1. Fill up accurately the Application Form or download it from our website as a file from “word” program. Then send us the completed format either by fax or e-mail or by hand delivery at the Academy main office.
  2. Wait for some time … 3 to 5 days later, the Academy will respond and inform you of your initial acceptance or rejection of your application.
  3. After having secured an initial acceptance, you should send the following documents:
  • Type the Request Preference Form in two copies to be filled up by 2 of your academic kinsmen.
  • Prepare the “RTDA” form related to approval on the research.
  • Prepare the “NADF” form related to the academic supervisor nomination to be filled up by the academic supervisor or by whoever is designated for you by the University or by its authorized office.
  • Copy of the candidate's identity card and copy of his passport.
  • Authorized curriculum vitae.
  • Copy of any document confirming the education degree obtained by the candidate in the same field of specialization selected by the candidate.
  • Copies of academic certificates indicating the official endorsements in it. This is in addition to any certificates relevant to his education and work experience which the candidate would like to send.
  • Four (4) colored and recent photographs of the candidate.
  • Copy of the money transfer bearing the tuition fees deposited in one of our bank accounts published on the tuition fees page or through our associate office.
  1. Should you select to pursue your studies based on publication system, you must send the following documents in addition to the aforementioned ones bearing in mind that it is not necessary to forward RTDA form. You may however send an initial brief outline consisting of 3 – 5 pages circa explaining your past publications, studies and researches on the required field of specialization.
  2. 5- After having sent the documents and tuition fees, the University will send you a registration certificate as a researcher + academic card + recommendation letter by express letter + an electronic copy of University studies brochure.
  3. During the official study tenure which extends for 2 years, the researcher should be able to complete his/her thesis or the final outline (for publication system) which should fall in 20 to 25 Thousand words and send it to us with an electronic copy and 2 typed/binded copies. With regard to the external student, one electronic copy would suffice in addition to paying binding charges.
  4. In order to have your research authenticated, you should send RTDA Form directly. After having obtained an initial approval, you should send the documents stated under item No. 3 excepting the application for academic supervisor nomination which would be replaced by 2 authorized recommendation letters endorsed by 2 academic parties or 2 researchers – whether individual or establishment- who would confirm your research after you obtain the University’s final approval.
    Dispatch an initial copy of your research taking into account international criterion, provisions and curriculum in terms of research writing. The research would then be presented to the research assessment committee. If it is essential to make modifications on the research, you may do so that you may be granted the final approval.
  5. It is necessary to submit an electronic copy of the research beside 3 printed and binded copies. With regard to the external student, one electronic copy would suffice in addition to paying binding charges.
  6. The University would send to the researcher an authentication certificate along with a binded copy of his approved research by express mail.

Information About Enrolment and Registration:

  1. Enrolment and registration offices are open throughout the year.
  2. Duration of the study at the University is 2 years for a single program. The researcher, however, may complete his studies in a relatively shorter period of time after having completed his thesis and the committee’s approval thereon.
  3. The University student is exempted from attendance because there are no compulsory lectures or classes.
  4. The University awards its students Educational Degrees; Bachelor, Master and Doctorate only on the existing fields excepting Medicine and Pharmacology.
  5. The University admits students from all over the world and of all nationalities.
  6. The study shall be conducted based on research system only.
  7. The University sets forth conditions for admission in its educational programs. Such provisions are variable depending on the programs nature.
  8. The University shall offer an opportunity for enrolment in its programs for all interested students without fixing a minimum level of numbers or rates in so far as the student has fulfilled the authenticated official documents duly approved by the concerned parties.
  9. In order to qualify for admission to a Master program, it is imperative on the student to possess a Bachelor Degree or its equivalent.
  10. In order to qualify for admission to a Doctorate program, it is imperative on the student to possess a Master Degree or its equivalent.
  11. Enrolment applications shall be submitted on special forms to the Admission & Registration Dept. enclosed to it the required documents.
  12. The University President or Head of the association office shall approve names of the admitted students who have met the admission provisions.
  13. Students shall pay the required registration and tuition fees after having been enrolled.
  14. The student may withdraw from the study within 10 days only from registration date. He would be entitled to recover all tuition fees excepting registration fees, the percentage other than administrative charges or as may be stipulated in the contract signed between both parties.
  15. After having scrutinized the student’s supporting documents, the University shall send the admission letter by fax or by electronic mail enabling the student to join his/her studies without delay. The original documents and student’s card would be sent by air mail in due course.
  16. The student, who is unable to complete his studies within the designated span of time, shall be banned from pursuing the studies unless he/she pays additional charges to qualify for an additional schooling year. Such a case would be investigated by the academic affairs director who is eligible to take the appropriate decision thereon.

Deferment of Study and Examinations:

  1. The student, for justifications acceptable to the University, may defer his study for a period not exceeding one school year. In such instance, he would not be required to pay charges for an additional year.
  2. The student must submit his deferment request to the student's affairs dept. in the University or at its association office. He should secure an approval prior to proceeding on deferment or else the deferment would be nullified and the University would be entitled to claim charges for an additional year unless the student completes his studies within the prescribed official span of time.
  3. The University may consider extension of the deferment duration for emergency cases not exceeding 2 years as maximum.

Transfer from one field to another specialization within the University:

  1. The student is entitled to transfer from one specialization to another in the academy after having submitted an application on this matter to the Head of academic affairs dept. in the University and his approval thereon.
  2. If the student transfers from one field to another, the subjects which he had studied prior to his transfer will not be accounted excepting for those which correlated with the study plan for the new specialization.


  1. The following practices are considered to be violations for which the committing student would be subject to disciplinary action as promulgated in the following instructions:
    1. If it is proved that the researches that he submitted are not of his own production but belong to others, or if he says words that are regarded insulting to any member of the University or its representatives in the association office or the examination committees or if such words are alien to the general conduct or offensive to religion or dignity or adversely affect the University’s reputation. Such a case would be presented to the University’s President in order to decide on the appropriate disciplinary action.
    2. If forgery is proven on any subject submitted by the student to the University.
    3. Contravention of regulations, instructions and decisions issued by the University.
    4. If forgery is proven on the University or educational documents submitted by the student to the University or if forged papers are used for academic purposes or submission of any forged educational materials such as video cassettes for thesis discussion or untruly claimed books to be of his own.
    5. Instigation of students against the University Management or its associate office.
  2. Disciplinary punishments applicable on students shall be determined as follows:
    1. Reminder
    2. First, second and third warnings.
    3. Failing in a subject or more.
    4. Deprivation from discussing the researches/thesis.
    5. Termination from the University.
    6. Cancellation of the student’s registration in the University and depriving him/her from the graduation certificate.
  3. It is possible to combine 2 or more disciplinary punishments as illustrated in these instructions.
  4. The Management shall not accept any excuses for not knowing the academic regulations or for having not seen the instructions issued by the University concerning these regulations.

Degrees for Working Professionals
Add Degrees to your resume in just 1-2 years (4 years for a Bachelor Degree) and open avenues
to promotion and better jobs

If you are looking to convert your previous work or Life Experience into accredited university degrees, Ambassador University Corporation provides you the ideal opportunity to do so.

Regardless of your age, sex, marital status or location, you can receive an accredited degree in your desired field. All you need to have is sufficient work, life or military experience or classroom education & you would be on your way to get hold of a degree in your relevant field.

Looking to earn accredited degrees?

easy Studying Books
easy Taking Admission
Without Attending Classes
Without Appearing in Examinations

Ambassador University Corporation provides you the Perfect opportunity to earn accredited degrees on the basis of what you already know.

Keep reading to learn more about this special program.

Is this program for you?

If you are one of those individuals who are unable to continue their studies, then this program is meant for you. You can earn a degree on the basis of your experience and knowledge.

If you have previous life or work experience in ANY field of study (Example: Marketing, Sales, Accounting, Management) you can apply for any of the degree programs (Bachelor's Master's Doctorate, Associate, High School etc.) we offer.

What Does Life Experience Mean?

Life experience includes all these areas:

  • Prior job experience in any field

  • Military training

  • Previous educational achievements

  • Employer-sponsored training and attendance of workshops

  • Participation in organizations, both professional and nonprofessional

  • Personal goals, lifestyle, hobbies and traveling

  • Participation in Volunteer activities and Community Service

  • Independent reading, viewing, listening or writing

Why Prefer Ambassador University Corporation For Your Degree?

  • Accreditation
    Know more details about accreditation

  • Degrees available in all fields of study
    At Ambassador University Corporation degree programs are available in almost every field.

    Indeed! Ambassador University Corporation assures you that your desired field of study will be there in our program and in case it isn’t,
    we will not only include it for you, but would also hire an evaluation faculty for it!

    (Ambassador University Corporation has been acknowledged by the educational committee for offering highest number of Majors in 2002)

  • Be evaluated by the expert evaluation faculty at Ambassador University Corporation
    Ambassador University Corporation has one of the largest and most qualified evaluation faculties. The faculty has the respective field experience and thus enables Ambassador University Corporation to provide degrees in a very short span of time.

    That is as early as in 1-2 years (4 years for a Bachelor Degree). This is the record shortest time to get ACCREDITED Life Experience degree via internet.

  • The Degrees and Documents of Ambassador University Corporation DON’T bear the words 'Online' or 'Life Experience'!!! Your degree would be just like any other traditional degree.

    Furthermore, unlike other universities, Ambassador University Corporation actually awards you scores
    for the subjects that fall under your field of study on your transcript. This makes sure that your
    degree looks like any other traditional degree.

No Other University Provides:

Award of Excellence
Certificate of Membership
Certificate of Distinction

Your employer’s impression is further enhanced by the documents provided by Ambassador University Corporation along with the degree. Though it’s a fact that 99% of the universities do not offer any document except for the degree, Ambassador University Corporation provides you not only a Life Experience degree, but also substantiates it with key documents.

All these documents are inclusive of the package and are totally FREE.

Full-Fledged Education Verification:

98.5% of the employers turn down potential candidates because of the inability of the candidates to provide substantial education verification. In donmacan, 20% of the employers want verification of the documents, provided by the employee, from the registrar office of the university.

Only Ambassador University Corporation offers a full-fledged and rapid system of education verification, which enables you to provide your employers or educational institutes swift education verification. Any degree package that you order at our site contains 1 copies of Education Verification Letter, which you can submit as per your requirement.

If your employer or institute, wherever you presented your documents, requires documents being sent to him directly, we can do so upon a request from you. Unlike other universities, Ambassador University Corporation verifies these documents within 1-2 years (4 years for a Bachelor Degree) and sends them in the form of an e-mail or fax or postal mail to the employer or educational institute from the registrar office of Ambassador University Corporation.


If you require additional copies of this letter, you may place an order on our online Order Form.
E-mail verification is totally free while fax and postal mail services are available at a very nominal cost

Ambassador University Corporation's degrees are acknowledged worldwide!

Since Ambassador University Corporation's degrees are accepted and acknowledged worldwide; hence you can apply for them from anywhere in the world and utilize them to enhance your personal and career goals.

And Above All:

Return on Investment:

These accredited degrees are
going to help you in securing a
better future for yourself. This
would provide you return on
investment in terms of
promotions and better career

Extended Admission Date:

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degree yet, don’t postpone it
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date. You can apply any time
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Applying for a degree at Ambassador University Corporation
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