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First: Bachelor Degree Program

Duration of the program is 4 years. The University admits its applicants for this program at any time over the year without considering minimum rates. As a prerequisite for admission, the student should be in possession of Secondary School Certificate or its equivalent. Education hours are variable depending on individual specializations. The student may complete his/her education in a relatively shorter period in case he/she completes the designated curriculum earlier. The Bachelor Degree program is finalized by either a graduation research or a final examination whichever method the academic instructor deems suitable to the student interest. Educational plans for specializations which are available on this program may be at the "Specialization page" in the website.

The student is required to fill up the University's Admission Format and present it to the University or to its representatives in order to obtain an approval. Later, the student would send the necessary identification documents to obtain the Admission Certificate. The University would assign an academic instructor for the student so as to monitor his/her education career, receive his studies production and review them. The student should also nominate an academic supervisor in his/her country in order to supervise his studies and graduation research.

Second: Master and Doctorate Degrees Programs

The University offers options for the Master & Doctorate Programs as follows:

  • Option 1: Joining the Program on basis of research.
  • Option 2: Joining the Program on basis of publications.

Option 1: Method of Research:

This option is suitable to those who are capable and efficient enough to undergo a research for a Master or Doctorate Degree level. In this option, there are no educational classes or subjects. The candidate, who is admitted in our University, will be classified/named Researcher. In order to qualify for a Researcher, all applicants must be adequately qualified with an appropriate background and expertise enabling them to successfully undergo the research assignment. In the Master Degree Program, the Researcher is required to study a variety of requirements prior to commencing the preparation of his/her research. Such requirements are equivalent to 40 hrs. Of study. These requirements are designed to widen the Researcher's vision, enrich his knowledge and qualify him to prepare a comprehensive research. With regard to the Doctorate program, however, the Researcher is required to his/her research plan immediately and start preparing the research.

On the other hand, the study hours allocated for the Master program (40 hrs.) are equivalent to a Higher Diploma Degree. As such, the applicant student who is in possession of a Higher Diploma Degree (post Bachelor) would be exempted from studying the subjects and the Requirements. Instead, he/she would directly start preparing the Master Degree research.

After having completed submission of the initial researches, the researcher would present an application containing the subject proposed for his research by filling up the relevant format. The application would then be forwarded to the Research Assessment Committee within the University for approval. Upon obtaining an approval, the researcher would send an initial research proposal (Research Plan) to the Research Assessment Committee. The Researcher is required to comply with the proposal writing conditions and nominate his/her academic supervisor. This is the best option. In this case, the Researcher should send the Supervisor's papers to the University for authorization. Alternatively, the Research Committee may assign an appropriate Supervisor for him/her. The Academic Supervisor would start working in collaboration with the Researcher in order to adjust the research plan proposal before the Committee grants its final approval thereon.
The volume of the Master Degree research shall be within the range of 40 Thousand words, whereas the Doctorate research shall consist of about 70 Thousand words. The research outlook may comply with one of the following samples: Oxford, Harvard, Chicago or any other sample acceptable to the University.

When accepted, the University shall provide the researcher with the necessary academic guidance and requirements. During the preparatory period of research, the researcher shall jointly work with the academic supervisor and liaise with him in any viable manner; through internet, telephone, fax, mail or face to face.

At the end of every 6 months, the researcher and his supervisor shall send reports to the Researches Committee concerning the research at hand. After such reports are carefully examined, the Committee shall affix its comments and remarks to be sent to the student and his supervisor. When the supervisor is convinced that the research is ready for submission and test, he would then forward a report to the Committee recommending the research to be examined. The external test would be conducted in the presence of 2 independent academicians who on their turn would send a report to the Committee containing their recommendations. Upon receipt of the examiners reports, the Committee would recommend that the researcher be awarded the required Educational Degree or else returns the research for certain amendments or corrections. In case the research is rejected again, the researcher may apply for an appointment to be designated with two external examiners in the University. In certain cases, the researcher may be asked to undergo an oral test. If the researcher refuses to do so, he may be exposed to a failure in qualifying for the required educational Degree and nullify his registration or be considered for a lesser educational Degree determined by the Committee.

It must be crystal clear that the research applicant should be adequately capable of conducting an in-depth exploration relevant to his educational research beside analytical skills.


The University studies run for a period of 2 years for each program. However, the researcher may finalize his studies in a relatively shorter period of time upon completion of the research and the Committee’s approval thereon.

Foreign references which the researcher may utilize:

  • Lester, J.D (1998) Writing Research Papers: A complete Guide. 8th Ed. New York: Harper Collins.
  • Philips, E.M. and Pugh, D.S. (2000) How to get PhD. 3rd ed. Buckingham: Oxford University Press.
  • Davis, G.B. and Parker, C.A. (1997) Writing the Doctoral Dissertation. 2nd ed. New York: Barron’s Education Series.

Option 2: Publication Method

This option is suitable for only those who have published their researches and studies in a large scale, and have published significant editorials/columns in the field of academic researches and studies.

The most reputable universities offer such an opportunity for those who deserve special consideration. Ambassador University Corporation offers the very same opportunity.

The University takes into account its students publications in the field of academic magazines, books and other means of publications. Such publications should cover a single major subject only.

The candidate nominated for this program is expected to submit a summary of all major publications and subjects which he had initiated. This option is not as easy as expected by some people. It is because the summary should be meaningful, coordinated and reflect the candidate’s expertise in his subject matter. The summary should fall in 20 Thousand to 25 Thousand words. The summary shall be subject to assessment of the research evaluation committee at the University. The candidate’s acceptance for registration in the program shall largely depend on the Committee’s approval on the summary. Additionally, the candidate must submit copies of his researches and writings to the academy enabling him to obtain the required educational Degree.

Therefore, the candidate, who is the owner of the researches and wide-spread editorials should select this option. He/she may start with us at any time convenient to him/her.

The University seeks a written consent of the researcher to be given the liberty of publishing his research fully or partially in its website or by any other means deemed appropriate by the academy and serves the interests of mankind, the Arabian societies and the international community. The researcher’s right would be reserved in maintaining his/her name.

When admitted in the University, each researcher would be provided with an electronic copy of the University brochure covering all information and guidelines.

When joining the University, each researcher would be provided with a recommendation book from the University in the object of facilitating his/her tasks in conducting the researches and studies at the relevant parties. Also, the graduating student would be granted a Recommendation Letter from the University addressed directly to any requesting organization stating the student's academic number. Such a recommendation letter would be officially signed and stamped with the Universities seal to be forwarded directly to the organization which asked for the researcher recommendation Letter for purposes of job application.

This arrangement is considered to be a part of the strategic continuous support provided by the University to its researchers who graduate from it. The University cares to provide superb methods of support to its students in order to ensure their professional success around the world.


The researcher should submit printed and bound 2 copies beside 1 electronic copy, excepting researchers residing in the Gulf countries who should send 3 coordinated and bound copies to the University. It should be noticed that the Representative /Agent would retain a copy at their headquarters whilst the other copy shall be kept at the University Library.

Under our Life Experience Program, we offer a number of degree programs that are specifically designed for professionals & working adults like you.

These programs offer you a unique and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to earn a degree on the basis of what you already know. It could be your accomplishments, religious or military training or other sources. Without attending classes, submitting assignments or further studying, you can earn accredited degrees within 1-2 years (4 years for a Bachelor Degree).

The ordering procedure is very simple. All you have to do to get a degree is to select your program and a major & place an order. In case you do not find the major you are looking for, just submit us the name & we will instantly introduce that particular major, making you hold your degree within the shortest time possible.

Based on your prior experiences, choose a suitable degree program, and click on the ‘Learn more about this program’ button in order to view its details.

  • Bachelor's Degree Program
    Get an accredited Bachelor's Degree in your required major purely on the basis of your life/work experience. Learn more about the admission requirements, fee structure & majors offered under this program by clicking the link below.
  • Master's Degree Program
    Get an accredited Master's Degree in your required major purely on the basis of your life/work experience. Learn more about the admission requirements, fee structure & majors offered under this program by clicking the link below.
  • Doctorate Degree Program
    Get an accredited Doctorate Degree in your required major purely on the basis of your life/work experience. Learn more about the admission requirements, fee structure & majors offered under this program by clicking the link below.
  • Associate Degree Program
    Get an accredited Associate Degree in your required major purely on the basis of your life/work experience. Learn more about the admission requirements, fee structure & majors offered under this program by clicking the link below.
  • High School Diploma Program (Offered by Ambassador University Corporation)
    Get an accredited High School Diploma in your required major purely on the basis of your life/work experience. Learn more about the admission requirements, fee structure & majors offered under this program by clicking the link below.
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